Terms & Conditions

Products: We will always endeavour to deliver a bouquet that is in keeping with the choice you have made. Due to seasonality, quality and availability we reserve the right to make changes within reason and without notice. If for any reason we were unable to create something in keeping with your choice we would make every effort to contact you and explain this, offer you an alternative or fully refund you if you did not wish to continue with the order. If we have tried and are unable to contact you then we would fulfil the order to the best of our abilities.

Delivery: Our own drivers will deliver within the EH1-17 area of Edinburgh, and further depending on circumstance and situation but we cannot guarantee this. Outside of EH1-17 we will typically use an overnight courier company. They will collect the flowers that we have created in the shop and deliver them the following day to the recipient. We track the deliveries and would inform you as soon as we were able if there were any problems or delays .Very occasionally the packaging can be slightly damaged in transit but this would rarely effect the flowers. If the flowers themselves were ever damaged then we would take responsibility and make recompense where appropriate.

Cancellation and refund: With simple bouquet deliveries we will happily cancel an order if instructed and offer a full refund or credit for a future delivery. We cannot refund an order outside of the EH1-17 area once the flowers have left the shop. If the flowers are being delivered within the EH1-17 area and have not left the shop then a cancellation can be accepted. If the flowers are out on delivery then we would try to stop an order but cannot promise this would be possible. The delivery cost would not be refundable regardless of the outcome. Any order where specific flowers are ordered in advance would need to be cancelled before the flowers are ordered. If not then the decision would be at our discretion. For weddings deposits are non refundable 6 months from the wedding date. 50% refunds would be issued on full balances paid if you had to cancel with less than 2 weeks notice. Balances are non refundable with less than 1 weeks notice.

Privacy Statement:
At Pollination we are committed to maintaining your privacy.

When a purchase is made on our site we ask for some personal details to create an account. Your data will enable us to fulfil your order and to notify you about important functionality changes.

We comply with the standards, procedures and requirements laid down in the UK Data Protection Act to ensure that the personal information you give us is kept secure and processed fairly and lawfully.

We never pass on your data to 3rd party companies for mailing or marketing purposes.